The Measurements, Instrumentation and Sensors Group is devoted to the design, development and characterization of sensors and instrumentation for automotive, agricultural, biomedical and industrial applications.

Headed by Professor Luigi Rovati, the group is composed by four laboratories namely OptoLab, BrightLab, MS2 and ASELab (for more information please visit Laboratories).

The research group started its activity within the laboratory of optoelectronics at the University of Brescia in 1998 and then moved to the Department of Engineering at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in 2001.

The Measurements, Instrumentation and, Sensors Group can support you with:

  • - Fundamental and applied research - Technology scouting
  • - Feasibility study
  • - Technology transfer
  • - Spin off
  • - Access to research program with industries and research laboratory